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Dry Slip Condominium in the Florida Keys with Outstanding Value

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Tired of towing your boat?

Dealing with flat tires on your boat trailer? Wear and tear on your personal vehicle?

Tired of cleaning barnacles? Tired of worrying every time it rains?

Tired of spending all day searching for a boat ramp? Or 4am wakeups to get in line for a boat ramp if you do manage to find one?

These all too familiar hassles that can ruin your ever dwindling vacation time will be a thing of the past. The Boat House will solve all of your problems. Storing your vessel in our secure facility will significantly reduce maintenance, extend the life of your boat and be the most convenient way to launch your vessel in the Keys. With the demand for boat slips in the Florida Keys at an all time high, why wait to secure your families access to the ocean forever?

Located in Marathon, the Boat House is just minutes away from world-class fishing, diving and boating. Conveniently situated in protected waters near Vaca Cut, the Boat House offers immediate access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. You can have your engines wide open breathing in the Keys beauty, or have rods in the water fishing in mere minutes.

There is simply no better value in dry marina amenities and boat facilities in the Keys today. To rent or own your dry boat slip in the Florida Keys, contact us today to check for availability.

Here are a few quotes from magazines and newspapers on the steadily increasing value of boat slips in Florida:

The Keynoter: Jan 22, 2006
“Boat Slips are quickly becoming one of the hottest commodities”

The New York Times: July 7, 2005
“…Any boat owner who is shopping for a home in Florida these days should have a slip lined up.”

Soundings Magazine: March 2005
“…boat ramps are in such short supply that trailerable boat owners have to be at the ramp well Before dawn on many weekends to find a parking space”

Florida Sportsmen: July 2005
“If you have a larger boat that has to live on the water, forget it. Dock space is becoming impossible to find.

The Wall Street Journal: May 9, 2003
“The price of a boat slip has grown by an average of 20% over the past two years. In places like Southwest Florida, they’ve almost doubled. But while the supply of boat slips has stayed more or less steady in the past decade, the number of boats grew by 300,000 in the past 2 years alone.

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